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At the end of the year, MM International will review three popular events that will take place in 2019: Hannover Messe is a direct hit: a wide range of products, services and services from the world's largest companies are presented at trade fairs. In addition to this great show, there are many other industry events around the world that contribute to its success. They enable the players in the industry to experience the latest solutions and trends on the market.

Germany was the third largest exporter of goods and services worldwide in 2014, and goods, services and capital goods such as oil, gas and coal account for the top 10 exports from Germany. The services sector contributed more than half of Germany's exports, totaling $1.2 billion. Germany also recorded the second largest share of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Germany, making it the world's largest exporter of capital.

The highest number of start-ups in 2014 came from Berlin, behind the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France and Great Britain. The Helmholtz Association consists of three stages: Stage I, Stage II and Stage III, including the Max Planck Institutes. founded in 1831, 1,072 pupils from Germany were enrolled in the I of the Bachelor's degree program of the organization. In Stage II, this Berlin-based organisation had three applicants, but there was only one from the US, one from France and two from the UK in 2015-16. In 2014-15, 2,121 pupils from other developing countries were enrolled, of which 2,121 were from all other developed countries.

Also known as GrA 1 / 4 Ne Lunge, it is part of the Tiergartenbebe Leineschloss, one of the most important tourist attractions in Germany in Berlin. In the north is the "Lungehaus," the largest building in Berlin, built in 1846, and in the south the Leine-Schloss. Several museums are located here, such as the Natural History Museum and the Max Planck Museum, both of which are in the final stages of construction.

Visitors can also visit the neo-Gothic market fountain from 1881, and a large number of small shops and galleries can be seen here. In the heart of Hanover, just a few kilometres from the city centre, you can still visit Kramerstraße as part of the city, which still retains the atmosphere of the old Hanover and houses some beautiful half-timbered houses. Tourists can also stroll through the old town and its many historic buildings.

Located on the edge of Eilenrieder Park, the Hanover Adventure Zoo was completed in 1865 and is now the fifth oldest zoo in Germany. Tourists can also visit the many museums of the city, such as the Natural History Museum Hannover and the National Museum.

The arena is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are available at the box office in the city center on the day of the game.

Local traditions from the past century are cherished by the locals, and the diverse events ultimately appeal to people far beyond the borders of Germany and are an important part of the city's cultural identity and heritage. The national festivities are marked by a wide range of cultural events, such as the annual Christmas Parade, Christmas and Christmas Parade. It is always impressive when 12,000 people march through the streets of Hanover on Christmas Eve to support their country's national holiday. Other popular events include Christmas markets, Christmas parties, concerts, festivals and even a Christmas parade.

More than 1.5 million people visit the festival every year, and that's enough to make you realise that the event is worth it. Hanover attracts visitors from all over the world with the great festivals that take place annually in this wonderful city. The annual Hanover Christmas Parade, the Christmas market and the Christmas festival attract visitors from Germany and abroad.

The Small Festival of the Great Garden, which opened in 1986, is the International Fireworks Competition, which brings together the world's leading pyrotechnics experts every year. It has been extremely popular since it was first held in 1991. This summer also sees the Maschsee Lake Festival, which has been held every summer since the early 1950s. With around 70,000 visitors, the event with a true Mediterranean flair has developed into one of the largest in northern Germany.

The experienced pyrotechnics provide the audience with a truly spectacular show, in which each participant receives a grade and a prize of up to 500,000 euros for his or her performance.

The Hannover Zoo is a family-friendly adventure zoo in Hanover. Visitors can take their children to Mullewapp Square for petting and riding, enjoy Christmas - themed activities and activities around Christmas such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, and a Christmas market.

The recreation area is the largest urban forest in Europe and offers a variety of activities for tourists visiting it. Other options include a half-timbered house, a park with playground and a nature reserve with hiking trails.

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More About Hannover