Hannover, Germany


Hanover is the largest city of Germany. Hanover has an oceanic climate . One of the most famous sightseeing place is the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. Here, rails, bicycle, bus and light rails are common mode of transportation.

Places to go:

Berggarten: It is a huge park in Hanover. It has large open space to walk or play. Quite pretty park to get some photographs. You can spend some quality time here.

Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen: It is one of the beautiful garden with affordable food nearby the entrance. You will Love to walk around the park.

Maschsee: No tickets for the entry. It’s a beautiful, relaxing and historic place to visit. Statues here are spectacular.

Holzmarktbrunnen: Holzmarktbrunnen has an attractive fountain with a magic wish ring. There you can make any wish that you want. The place is quite historic and has lovely artwork.

Am Markte: Great Christmas market is there. Beautiful place to shop. You will love to enjoy shopping here at a reasonable price.

New Town Hall: It is a beautiful ornate building with huge Domes and beautiful views.

Hanover zoo: This Zoo provides natural habitat to many exotic animals.

Lower Saxony State Museum: It is a museum of art, history and biology.

Places to eat:

Broyhan Haus: You will experience excellent food and service. Nice wine to drink with great atmosphere. Staff is also good.

Meteora: To have authentic taste of Greek dishes you must have your meal here. They have a very nice décor with fabulous atmosphere.

Bavarium: The location of this restaurant is good. Pocket friendly. Everything is worth with cheerful people and staff members.

Gondel Restaurant: They have both veg and non veg items. Worth your time and money. Food is above expectations.

TresOr Restaurant & Bar: Treasure of all. Perfect location, perfect food and service. You won’t be disappointed here, it’s for sure.